We make sure all of our beauty treatments at Skin and Tonic are competitively priced, so you don’t have to feel guilty about treating yourself.

All of our beauty treatments are carried out by professional beauty therapists who have a passion in helping you look and feel your best for over 10 years.  

Have a browse through our services below. If you have any further questions regarding any of our treatments, please call us and have a chat to one of our highly qualified therapists.

If for any reason you can’t make it to your booked treatment we appreciate 24 hours notice prior to your appointment.


+ Hair Removal

Our waxing treatments are performed using Lycon products, formulated with the finest natural resins, beeswax and sensuous aromatherapy oils. They deliver superior results, removing hairs as short as 1mm while nurturing and conditioning the skin. To our gentleman clients rest assured we will provide you with an equally superior waxing experience.
For permanent removal of unwanted hair, Electrolysis is still the most successful treatment for smaller areas such as chin, lip and facial hairs.
IPL is the ideal solution for Permanent Hair reduction for darker unwanted hair on the face or body.

Facial Waxing
Eyebrow Shape $18
Lip Wax $15
Chin Wax $16
Sides of Face $21.50
Lip/Chin/Eyebrow $43
Full Face $52

Body Waxing
½ Leg Wax $29.50
½ Leg with Bikini Wax $48
Top Leg Wax $32.50
Top Leg with Bikini Wax $50
¾ Leg Wax $42
¾ Leg with Bikini Wax $53
Full Leg Wax (Bikini inc.) $60
Bikini Wax from $19.50
G-String Bikini Wax from $31
Brazilian Wax from $59
Brazilian Maintenance (every four weeks) $48
Arm Wax $31
Underarm Wax $19.50

Male Waxing
Back Wax $48
Chest Wax $48
Full Leg Wax $62
Back/Chest $92

15 mins $24.50
30 mins $42
Minimum (few hairs) $16.50

*IPL results will vary for different hair colours and types. This method of hair reduction is not effective on fair hair.

+ IPL Hair Reduction

Permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation for capillaries, ageing, acne and pigmentation concerns including sunspots. Consultation $30. (redeemable on first treatment)

Upper Lip $30
Sides of Face $60
Chin $40
Neck $55
Full Face (Lip, Chin and Sides of Face) $120
Underarms $50
Male Full Chest (inc. Abdomen) $375
Male Full Back $375
Stomach $40
Bikini $50
G-String Bikini $70
Brazilian $100
Full Leg (excluding Bikini) $250
Upper Leg (excluding Bikini) $175
Lower Leg $175
Back of Thighs $100

Packages available.

+ Facial Treatments

Skin Analysis - 15 mins $35
A professional skin evaluation, which enables the therapist to determine the clients, skin type and needs. _Cost is redeemable on purchase of product.

Express Facial - 30 mins $55
This facial consists of a skin analysis, cleanse, tone, steam and exfoliation, mask, tone and moisturise. Ideal for a client who requires a quick fix or an introduction to one of our product lines.

Deep Pore Cleansing - 60 mins $75
This facial is beneficial for a client who requires a purifying facial, which includes removal of impurities (extractions). Consists of a skin analysis, tone, steam and exfoliation, extraction, lymphatic drainage massage, mask, tone and moisturise.

Full Facial - 75 mins $95
A full hour facial treatment consisting of a skin analysis, cleanse, tone, steam and exfoliation, mask, tone and moisturise, then with a 15 minute massage to the face, neck and décolletage area. Also includes an eyebrow shape.

Deluxe Facial Package - 90 mins $127
And receive 10% off products. A deluxe pampering treatment consisting of a skin analysis, cleanse, tone, steam and exfoliation, face, neck and shoulder massage, mask, tone and moisturise. Also includes an eyebrow shape, eyelash and brow tint, hand and foot massage. The ultimate treatment!

+ Specialised Facial Treatments

Oxygen Facial - 60 mins $105
Skin and Tonic specialise in oxygen facials: these treatments are called Rejuvenation, Atoxelene and Opulence infusions. These infusions plump the skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, inhibit the formation of further discolouration and boost any devitalised, dull skin.

LED Light Therapy
Stand alone treatment $75
Add on to facial treatment $50
Package of 5 $250 (3 month expiry
LED Light Therapy is is a non invasive light therapy for Skin Rejuvination, Hydration, Acne, Spot Removal, Anti Allerg, Skin tightening and wrinkles.

Teeth Whitening - 30 mins $105 (includes kit)

Microdermabrasion and Oxygen
Treatment $190
AHA/BHA Peel - 30 mins $68
Glycolic, Lactic, Mandelic and Salicylic peels in various strengths and designed for personal skin concerns Added to facial - $21.

Mini Micro - 30 mins $65
This is a medical technique for removing the upper laying of skin leaving it smooth and revitalized. It gently abrades the skin with natural diamond chips while at the same time vacuuming the dead skin cells away in a sterile and controlled manner. Removing this outer layer of skin leaves a smoother texture and promotes new collagen growth.

Microdermabrasion - 45 mins $95 (Includes Sonophoresis)

Dermal Needling - 60 mins $315
An exciting new anti-ageing treatment which leads to formation of new collagen and elastin. Used to fade scars, reduce lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate skin and even out pigmentation. Treatments are performed 6 weeks apart and may be purchased in packs of 3 or 5 Sessions.

Price on Application. Pre treatment products may receive 20% off when booking your first treatment. (Pre paid)

+ eye enhancement

Here at Skin and Skin, we offer eyebrow and eyelash tinting, brow shaping, Mink lash extensions and DuraLash. Mink lash extensions will last the life of a natural lash. Using a simple pain free application, you can choose from a variety of lengths offering a more natural look. DuraLash lash extensions are individual lash clusters which are permanently curled, water proof and weightless, and are available in black two different lengths: short or medium.

Eye Enhancement
Eyebrow Tint $16.50
Eyelash Tint $21.50
Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint $34.50
Eyebrow/Eyelash Tint/EBS $47
Eyebrow Shape/Eyebrow Tint $34.50

Duralash Permalashes
Single Lash $3.55
Full Set $53

Mink Lash Extensions
Full Set $143
½ Set $82
Infills P.O.A.
Removal $30

Lash Lifting $92 (incl. eyelash tint)

+ body treatments

Skin and Tonic offer a diverse range of specialised body treatments to suit all needs.
Using only the best products from Dermalogica we can polish and pamper your skin with Mineral Salt Scrubs, Sea Mud Wraps, Relaxation Massage and Power Recovery Therapy treatments.
Don't forget our Infra Red Sauna, the perfect addition to any of our body treatments to enhance the experience.
Experience our latest technology from France - LPG Endermologie to target the body' adipose tissue. Provides drainage, slimming and firming for those problem areas.
Let us introduce you to our beautiful tanning range.
The staff are all experienced in spray tanning with the amazing Moroccan Tan
which comes in a variety of shades to suit the individuals taste.

Body Treatment Package

Indulge - 2.5 Hours $189
30 minute infra red sauna, body exfoliation therapy, nourishing mud wrap, 1 Hour Massage.

Thermal Body Therapy Treatments

Mineral Salt Scrub - 30 mins $58
Customised to either energise or reduce stress, this treatment polishes skin to a soft glow while providing hydration and nourishment that your skin needs.

Body Exfoliation Therapy - 30 mins $58
A gentle exfoliation with conditioning essential oils for a soothing and smoothing treatment. Suitable for sensitive or prematurely ageing skin.

Power Recovery Therapy - 45 mins $65
With the aid of 15 minutes in our Infrared Sauna, this is an intensive wrap therapy dedicated to feeding your skin with nourishment it craves. Ideal for those suffering the signs of premature ageing or suffering dry, sensitive or irritated skin. An excellent treatment when combined with the Mineral Salt Scrub.

Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy
Massage - 60 mins $85
Receive the ultimate in skin conditioning while detoxifying and cleansing with this stimulating treatment.

Wrap - 45 mins $65
Stimulate circulation while smoothing skin with this body wrap that promotes skin nourishment while the natural earth clays draw out impurities.

Deep Thermal Therapy - 90 mins $128
A treatment designed to detoxify, re-mineralise, de-stress and provide relief from skin inflammation. The ultimate in treating skin and body concerns.

Infrared Sauna
½ Hour Session $24

Course of 10 Sessions $210
Regular deep Infrared therapy treatments increase the metabolic rate and detoxify the body.
Benefits include improved circulation, burning of calories and reduced cellulite, reduced scarring,
improved immune system, reduced stress and reduced pain and injuries, including back pain and arthritis.

+ skin rejuvenation

Leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and clear with our range of facial treatments.

Photo Rejuvenation, Vascular and Pigmentation Treatment
Full Face $200
Neck $100
Half Face (Nose and Cheeks) $100
Décolletage $250
Spot $20
Buy 3 and receive 10% discount

+ nail care

Skin and Tonic pride themselves in their top quality nail treatments. Our manicures and pedicures are performed with first class OPI products and are performed with the strictest attention to hygiene. If you are looking for something a little more permanent on your own nails we perform OPI Gelcolour application with a diverse range of colours to suit every occasion.

Hand and Foot Treatments
Toe Nail Trim $15

Polish Application $18 File and Polish Application $25
It is recommended that open-toed shoes are worn for foot treatments to assist the drying process.

Mini Manicure - 30 mins $36

Full Manicure - 60 mins $63
This ‘facial for the hands’ includes filing and shaping of the nails, cuticle care, hand exfoliation, hand mask, hot towels, hand massage and polish application.

Mini Pedicure - 30 mins $36
Includes file and shape of the nails, cuticle care and polish application.

Full Pedicure - 60 mins $68
For tired, sore feet. The ultra relaxing pedicure includes file and shape of the nails, cuticle care, removal of dead skin from heels and feet, exfoliation treatment, foot mask, hot towels, foot massage and polish application. Restoring your feet to their natural beauty.

Deluxe Pedicure - 60 mins $75
A Full Pedicure performed in the luxury of our Shiatsu Spa Chair.
*French Polish will incur a $5.00 surcharge.

OPI GelColor
GelColor Mini Manicure $43
GelColor Manicure $80
GelColor Mini Pedicure $43
GelColor Pedicure $85
Removal $12
French Polish will incur a $5 surcharge.

+ Tanning

Spray Tan Full Body $40
Spray Tan ¾ Body $30
Spray Tan ½ body $25
Rub On Tan $45

+ Massage

½ Hour Massage $45
1 Hour Massage $75

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